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Water Troubleshooting

Problem            Cause                                                 Solution

Cloudy Water     Organic Contaminants build up          Shock treatment with Refresh

                           Suspended particles                           add Easy Clear

                           pH high                                               add Adjust down 

                           hardness too high                               add Best Defense

                           poor filter                                             replaced or clean filter

Coloured            Dissolved metals                                 add Best Defense

Water                 low Chlorine/bromine levels                add Boost/peakboost

                                                                                       check salt level & electrode for

                                                                                        salt system

                           fragrance                                              stop the use of fragrance

Foaming            high concentration of oils &

                           organics                                               squirt Foam Dissolve on foam

                           got phosphate in water                        add Phosphate Free

Scale                 high calcium level, high PH

Deposits           high alkalinity                                        drain partially, add Best

                                                                                        Defense, correct pH level

Odour               high level of organic contaminants

                          combined with chlorine                        Shock with Refresh


Irritation            pH low                                                 add adjust up  

                           combined chlorine due to high           add refresh & Sanitizers

                           concentration of organic contaminants

                                                                                      only add refresh for Spaboy


No Chlorine/      high concentration of organic             add sanitizers & refresh

Bromine             contaminants using up                       check salt level & electrode

                                                                                       for salt system

                                                                                       Only add refresh for Spaboy

Reading             sanitizers                                           add santizers

                           test reagents ineffective                     replaced at least once a year

                           test strips expired or exposed            replaced at lease once a year

                           to moisture

pH hard to         need to change water ( recommend change water every 3 months

balance              for Chlorine/ Bromine tubs. Salt System can change water for

                            every 9 - 12 months )