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Spa Phos Out Ultra 2in1

Spa Phos Out Ultra 2in1

  • $24.99

SPA PHOS OUT ULTRATM 2 IN 1 is a fast-actingconcentrated anti-phosphate treatment that improves filtration by coagulating tiny particles in the water. The resulting larger solids are captured by the filtration system. When used weekly, it continuously eliminates phosphates in the water.

SPA PHOS OUT ULTRATM 2 IN 1 has clarifying properties that leave your water crystal clear after only 12 hours. SPA PHOS OUT ULTRATM 2 IN 1 is not affected by chlorine and works in any pH condition. It will not alter the water’s pH level.


  • Fast-acting concentrated liquid formula
  • Improves bather comfort

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